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Alan's Session Report

Dragons East - Monday 4 July

by Alan Charlesworth on July 4, 2016

Carson City

Tonight at Snowdonia Dragons:

  • Carson City (worker placement to build a cowboy town)
  • Hornet (area control/majority...with...honey)
  • Artifacts, Inc (dice placement)

Carson City has been on my radar since before I started attending Dragons. It sounded like it would be a meatier take on the stuff Deadwood does, but it isn't really. It's much more focused on town building than Deadwood is. I didn't really get how to score points until halfway through but now I get it I'd certainly play again. (Also, I somehow tied for the win, with Lee taking the crown/stetson based on a turn order tiebreaker.)

The more I play area majority games, the more I like them. Weirdly, I haven't actually played many. Hornet isn't the best of them (that's Triassic Terror) but I think it's decent. Oddly enough, it falls into the same trap as Triassic Terror - that is, playing it at the maximum player count causes the game mechanics to break down a bit. After this play, instinct says three would be a good player count.

This was my second time with Artifacts Inc and it's a pleasant little dicey game. Like many dice games, it leaves you with nothing to do or think about off-turn, but it plays at a fairly brisk rate so it's not a major issue.