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Alan's Session Report - Thursday 11th August

The world's most hideous jewels brought down the Roman Empire

by Alan on Aug. 11, 2016

Alba Longa

Tonight at Snowdonia Dragons West:

--Sentinels of the Multiverse
--Alba Longa

The thing Sentinels reminds me of most is Marvel Legendary, though in many ways it's not that similar. Where Legendary is a deckbuilder, in which each player can acquire cards for many characters, Sentinels has you playing a fixed deck for one single character. Structurally there are similarities though - cooperating to play cards to take down a boss foe.

I expected to enjoy Sentinels moderately but I ended up liking it a lot more than that. More than Legendary, in fact. I appreciate that a player's turn is usually quite straightforward, and that there's a fair amount of variation in the things you can try to do on your turn. Though I enjoyed Legendary when I played it, I found it could get a bit repetitive. Both good games, in any case.

There's something about Alba Longa that grabbed me when I heard it described, so I knew I had to get it sooner or later. It's worker placement, but with some attack/defence card play, and some rolling cylindrical dice to choose actions. I enjoyed it, and I appreciated the cleverness of the mechanisms involved. More plays merited. (Meanwhile, the others were getting through another of my unplayeds, Mangrovia.)


Klunker. The name doesn't exactly evoke a sense of exhilarating fun. Apparently it's German for a gemstone, but it's still an uninspiring title. It's also one of the less known designs by Uwe Rosenberg. While not of the calibre of Bohnanza, I'd say it's probably close to Mamma Mia in quality - that is, a nicely enjoyable card game. I think it takes a few rounds for the format to start gelling for people, more so than something like Mamma Mia.

Also, the version I have wins the prize for worst artwork in the history of card games. Check out the photo for an example which in no way accurately represents the horribleness.

Anyway, good games all round.

**Updates to the unplayed list**

Cross off Alba Longa and Klunker.

Mangrovia, though it was played, wasn't played by me and thus stays on the list.