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Alan's Session Report 22nd September

Planes, pyramids and cubic samurai

by Alan on Sept. 22, 2016


Tonight at Snowdonia Dragons West:

--10 Days in Africa
--7 Dice Wonders

Clans is a new acquisition but not a new game. It's very abstract but also manages to be both quick and tactical. I like it, though I imagine some wouldn't. Try to score lots of points for your colour of huts without giving away which colour that is.

10 DaysI didn't know what to expect from 10 Days in Africa. In the event, it reminded me (very) faintly of mahjong, in its collecting and discarding format. I wouldn't play it a lot, but it's pleasant enough for the occasional play. Very easy to grasp too, so probably a nice introductory game.

Inspired, unsurprisingly, by Antoine Bauza's esteemed 7 Wonders, 7 Dice Wonders actually feels a little like OctoDice in the way it makes use of dice. Like OctoDice, it offers a lot of options for such a minimal batch of components; unlike OctoDice, it feels over-complicated for what it is. Not bad but not one I'd hurry to play again. Still, for the couple of quid it cost me, I can't complain.

ClansDave has been singing the praises of Shogun for a while, and I finally got the chance to try it out tonight. The cube tower seems like it would be gimmicky but it's actually a very elegant way of handling unpredictability (so elegant that it was half-inched by Stefan Feld for Amerigo). One of the better games of this type that I've played (it's broadly in that Risk/Small World/etc genre). There are some nice features such as the half-unknown action sequence and the variable turn order which really bring a little extra sparkle to it.

**Updates to the unplayed list**

Cross off both Clans and 7 Dice Wonders.