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Alan's Session Report - 29th September

The mafia and some mangroves roll for the hand of the princess

by Alan on Sept. 29, 2016

Kingdom Builder

Tonight at Snowdonia Dragons West:

--Roll for the Galaxy
--Kingdom Builder
--Love Letter x3

It's ages since I last played Roll for the Galaxy, but this new play still did nothing to make up my mind about whether this or the original Race for the Galaxy is better. I think I like different things about each of them, and they tend to come out about neck and neck. Nice to get Roll back to the table again, at any rate.Roll for the Galaxy

I finally got to play Mangrovia, after months of trying! I found it a nice combination of simple and elegant mechanisms which feed into a surprisingly cunning scoring system. It's also quicker than it looks like it would be. Tim had played it (literally my copy!) before and enjoyed it, but this time he bemoaned that it's not as good a game when he doesn't win. :P The win went to Jason by a landslide.

Greed is a card drafting game by the much-assailed Donald X Vaccarino. Personally I'm not that big a fan of Dominion (I think it's fine but has been surpassed many times) so I seem to have avoided the crushing disappointment many people claim to experience whenever they play one of his non-Dominion games. As card drafting goes, I'd say Greed is below Fairy Tale but above Sushi Go (both of which I like anyway). More plays might raise its position. In any case, it's an enjoyable game and a remarkably short one. My last card of the game nearly stole the win from Ed, but it wasn't quite enough.

MangroviaFrom one Vaccarino to another, in the form of the controversial Kingdom Builder. This seems to be the one that really divides people. Personally I enjoy it - mechanically it's simple enough that it doesn't demand too much from your brain, but it also allows room for sneaky manipulation of the positioning rules to make some clever plays. This one was my win, with Ed very close behind - only two points in it, I think.

We wrapped up by passing the final 15 minutes or so with some rapid-fire plays of Love Letter. I was eliminated very quickly through pure chance in the first game, eliminated again after a more respectable innings in the second, and then flummoxed in the third when we somehow ended up with one too many cards in play. Overall, Sarah took the win with two victories out of three games.

**Updates to the unplayed list**

Cross off both Mangrovia and Greed!