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Alan's Session Report - Monday 5th Sept

Cyberpunk heists and cowboys in space. Who needs zombies?

by Alan on Sept. 5, 2016

Legendary Encounters: Firefly

Tonight at Snowdonia Dragons:

--Legendary Encounters: Firefly
--Android: Infiltration
--No Thanks x2

The only one of the Legendary games I've played before is Marvel, but I generally like deckbuilders and I'm very familiar with Firefly - more so than Marvel. Comparing the two, I'd say I probably prefer Firefly Legendary. Being able to play 'coordinate' cards off-turn to assist other players is a nice touch, and the 'flaw' cards gradually creeping into your deck is surprisingly thematic - e.g. I played Shepherd Book and at one point his dark past started to catch up with him. My one significant criticism of Firefly Legendary is that it's a bit too long. It ran to two hours and would have benefited from shaving 30 minutes off that time. I was tiring of it by the time it ended. Still, good game overall.

Android: InfiltrationI like the Android setting (as much as I know about it from Netrunner) and I have a weakness for creators who try something outside their comfort zone. Enter Android: Infiltration, by Donald 'Never the Same Genre Twice' Vaccarino. He takes a lot of flak but I respect his determination to make each new game very different from the last. Infiltration is thematically a cyberpunk heist but functionally kind of a lightweight dungeon crawl. It's no classic but it's pleasant and surprisingly quick. Make sure you get out though! Lizzie failed right by the exit because she pushed just that bit too far. Also, Infiltration taught me that my friends love climbing into incinerators to find other people's cast-offs. Bleh.

Ah, No Thanks. Such bland graphic design, such a dull-sounding precis, but such a good game. Quick, aggravating (in a pleasant way) and super easy to teach/learn. Also, as it turned out tonight, occasionally strangely delirious. I've heard of people collapsing into uproarious laughter during certain types of games, but I wouldn't have expected No Thanks to be one of them. Lee's mighty 'take every card you see' strategy might be partly to blame... :P

And finally, Coup. This is kind of a strange one for me, in that I find it a pleasant enough game but I like it *less* each time I play it. I've heard people say that Coup is at its best once you know the abilities of the roles off by heart, but I've found that it loses a bit of sparkle when you reach that point. Still, a pleasant enough game for a brief play, and a good way to round out an evening.

**Updates to the unplayed list**

Cross off Android: Infiltration!