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Alan's Session Report - Thursday 8th Sept

Romans, ants, and games like gum

by Alan on Sept. 8, 2016


Tonight at Snowdonia Dragons West:

--Glory to Rome

Eddie having played Innovation and Impulse recently, it seemed about time to introduce him to the definitive Chudyk: Glory to Rome. While some prefer other games of his, there's no disputing GtR's status as THE Chudyk game. Everything he ever does will be compared to it, and with good reason. Although I enjoy aspects of Impulse better, Glory to Rome has an elegance which is missing from other games of his I've played - most strikingly from Mottainai, which tries to be GtR Light and yet somehow manages to be more awkward and cumbersome. In any case, a good game well revisited. Some unhinged Dragons actually played it a second time later in the evening.Myrmes

As an aside, GtR was one of the games I played (for the first time) at my very first Dragons, along with Alien Frontiers.

Myrmes is a recent acquisition but one I was excited about. It's pretty beefy and has Agricola's 'just barely scrape by' survivalism. I think it probably takes a couple of plays to really get your head around what you need to be doing at which points in the game, and which areas you shouldn't neglect, but I'd say it's an effort worth making. Also, tiny plastic ants! What's not to like?

Hue is one from the diminutive Pack o' Game. Paul often has it with him, so I've played a few of the games from it now, and Hue might be the best one so far. It's very simple but actually manages to provide brain-taxing decisions. For a game which aims to be literally the size of a pack of gum (hence the weak pun of the title), you can't fault it.

It's been quite some time since I played Quantum and I'd almost forgotten how much I like it. Once you grasp the differing functions of the numbered die faces, the game itself isn't hugely complicated, but it's often hard to be confident that you're making the right move (in a good way). The limit of three actions per turn, and the cost of two of them to place a quantum cube, mean that it's hard to avoid telegraphing your imminent conquest. Good stuff.

**Updates to the unplayed list**

Cross off Myrmes!