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Alan's Session Report - Monday 17th October

House stacking and asteroid shunting

by Alan on Oct. 17, 2016

Burano main board

Tonight at Snowdonia Dragons:

--Battle Beyond Space

Burano player boardBurano is one of my more recent acquisitions, though I've coveted it for some time. It's been said that it's most Feldish non-Feld game out there, and I can see it. Approximately a billion things you can do, all of which are quite tricky. Hitherto I considered Trickerion my heaviest game. No longer! Burano has dethroned it (though Trickerion's advanced rules may yet reclaim that title). Tim won this one by a landslide, partly because I mis-taught an important rule and partly because he played very well.

All in all, a good game and one I'd be keen to play again now I know what's what.

Battle Beyond SpaceBattle Beyond Space looks like an 80s game in everything except component quality. It even plays like an 80s game, except with a usable ruleset and a reasonable duration. In feel it reminds me of a game I had (but never played properly) growing up, called Battle for the Galaxy, except that this is what Battle for the Galaxy was trying to be. It's fun, accessible, and full of amusing destruction. The daring exploits of the Pink Baron will never be forgotten (for the rest of the day)!

Both good games, and I'd happily play either one again.

**Updates to the unplayed list**

I've been a bit lax with this lately, so it's good to cross Burano off the list.