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Alan's Session Report - Thursday 20th October

Hourglasses, geese, and Romans going home

by Alan on Oct. 20, 2016


Tonight at Snowdonia Dragons West:

--Time 'n' Space
--Tin Goose
--D'r Af
--Romans Go Home!

Time 'n' Space is a recent acquisition for me, and one that could have gone either way - I'm generally not a fan of real-time games but this one seemed like it tried to do something interesting rather than just being a panicked sprint. In that sense, it succeeds.

Time 'n' SpaceThe idea is that it's vaguely a trading/worker placement/set collection game but your two workers are hourglasses which trigger the selected action only once the sand finishes running through. I haven't played any other game that attempts anything like this, though I know there is another one out there (the game of which this is a reimagining, Space Dealer).

Would I play it a lot? No. Would I play it from time to time? Certainly. It also benefits from having a fixed duration of 30 minutes, so it's relatively easy to slot into an evening between other games. I'd say that it needs a second play to 'get' it, since I ended up with a score of zero...

We followed that with Tin Goose. Aaron's had this in his bag quite a lot, so I thought it was about time I found out what it is for myself. It's about establishing air transport routes in the first half of the 20th century, and it's the type of game I'm just terrible at. I didn't fare too badly overall but that was more a fluke than good play. Regardless, I enjoyed it and would certainly play it again.

Metropolys is another recent acquisition, and it's a combination of straightforward area control and equally straightforward bidding. The combination is elegant, easy to learn, and very playable. A completed game is also quite pretty, with the various coloured towers dotted around. Fun stuff.

Tin GooseThen D'r Af (that's how BGG lists the name; I wouldn't have known). I've never played a Splotter game before, and this was an odd place to start. By reputation, I associate Splotter with gargantuan beasts like Food Chain Magnate. D'r Af, on the other hand, is a goofy little racing game in which you throw oil slicks and trucks in front of each other's cars while trying to get to the edge of the table. More a curio than a particularly well developed game, but not un-fun for a quick little play. I wouldn't recoil if it appeared on the table again (unless there was no one there, in which case the prospect of a D'r Af-based poltergeist would be enough to send me running for the hills. Which are just outside I guess, so not really a safe distance. Hmm.)

Finally we had Romans Go Home! The exclamation mark is the game's addition, not mine. Romans Go Home falls into that category of game which is best described as 'inoffensive'. There's nothing particularly memorable about it, but it just about earns its spot on the table by being short and quick to play. By my reckoning, it lasted us about 15 minutes, and that was ideal. Any longer and it would have worn thin. Not one I'd hurry to play again, but I'd indifferently allow a play occasionally. Fortunately it's not one of mine. :P

**Updates to the unplayed list**

Two off the list tonight, and neither of them was at my instigation! Cross off Time 'n' Space and Metropolys.