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Alan's Session Report

Canals, not banals

by Alan on Oct. 24, 2016

Canal Mania

Tonight at Snowdonia Dragons:

--Canal Mania
--Freya's Folly
--Love Letter x3

Thanks to Menai Bridge fair forcing me to drive in an elaborate M shape to leave the village, I arrived at Conwy late - but just in time to jump in to Canal Mania. In principle I like route building games, but they often have a sort of financial side to them which just doesn't click in my head. Canal Mania is, in some ways, closer to something like Ticket to Ride, except that it's more restricted in where you can place routes, and there's a goods shipping aspect. I'd say if you like Ticket to Ride and want to step up the complexity a little bit, Canal Mania is a good option.

Freya's FollyI wasn't expecting much from Freya's Folly, since it tends to sell very cheap. I know first-hand, though, that a low retail price can simply mean overlooked, not necessarily poor quality. Giza (played a couple of months back with Lee and Paul) is an example of that principle, and so is Freya's Folly. It's one of those games with a simple premise (delving for treasure in a mine) and a correspondingly simple set of available actions, but with a surprising layer of strategy in how you make use of those actions. It's all about optimising when you make your move through the mine, and when you cash in to turn gems into jewellery. Surprisingly, I actually won - which seemed to send Aaron into a state of near-Lovecraftian derangement from sheer disbelief. :P

What can I say about Love Letter that I haven't said before? Quick, simple, surpassed by Lost Legacy.