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Alan's Session Report - Thursday 17th November 2016

Those aliens definitely aren't Asari. Also, Rome.

by Alan on Nov. 17, 2016

Alba Longa

Tonight at Snowdonia Dragons West:

--Alba Longa
--Res Publica 2230

I've had chance to play Alba Longa a few times now, and while I wouldn't say it's a favourite, it's certainly in the upper reaches of my collection. It's worker placement but with a nice mechanism involving buying dice, and the price of the dice changes. It's hard to explain on paper but it's a good one. Also, Rome. Who doesn't like Rome? Also also, dice in the shape of classical columns. Good stuff. I came closer than I ever have before to actually winning it. If it hadn't been for Tim's attack on me in the last turn, Eddie and I would have tied for the win condition, and I think I might have taken the tiebreaker on coins in hand. Bah. Still, Eddie fought hard for the win. Well played to both him and Tim.

Res Publica 2230Another of Knizia's seemingly infinite catalogue, and a retheme (and slight reworking) of one of his previous games, Res Publica 2230 intrigued me with its very structured trading. Rather than Bohnanza-style freeform negotiation, Res Publica sees you making one fixed offer each turn. I found it reasonably enjoyable, if quite dry. A couple of the others at the table seemed to struggle with the unusual style of trading, which is understandable. It's essentially set collection, with sets formed using trades, so you want to trade partial sets for bigger (or better) partial sets, or those which add to existing partial sets. I think if you can get your head around it, it's a decent game. Still, as I said, it's dry as sandpaper. Knizia eh?

**Updates to the unplayed list**

Cross off Res Publica 2230. It's been a good week for the unplayeds.